Enterprise Partners Venture Capital was founded in Southern California in 1985 and has maintained an investment focus on technology and life sciences companies.

Managing Directors

Managing Directors Carl Eibl and Drew Senyei form the core investing partnership

Limited Partners

Enterprise funds are raised from the country’s most experienced institutional investors, typically university endowments, pension funds, fund-of-funds and insurance companies

Current Fund

Enterprise Partners is currently investing its sixth fund (EPVI) of $353M

Investment Approach

Historically the firm has invested at the seed or early stage in a company’s development. Recently the firm has invested in companies at other stages of maturity including the acquisition and redirection of late stage companies. Enterprise most often serves as the lead investor in a deal. We like to work in close partnership with company management and take our board roles seriously. Occasionally the partnership will invest as little as $300K in a seed stage venture but our initial investment more typically ranges between $3 and $10M, with additional funds reserved for follow-on financings.

Where Enterprise Does, and Doesn’t, Invest

Enterprise avoids investing in areas where we have little or no personal experience or industry contacts. For example, we have not invested in real estate development or retail businesses. In addition we prefer to invest in businesses based in California.

Enterprise evaluates thousands of business plans a year and invests in few of them. The companies are a diverse lot. Recently we have invested in a digital media company, an innovative fuel cell technology, a therapy for congestive heart failure and several wireless content and applications companies. What all these businesses have in common is a truly breakthrough approach to serving a large emerging market, along with a defensible business plan and a great management team.