Technology Portfolio

The Active Network The Active Network provides technology application services and marketing access for service and active lifestyle organizations worldwide. San Diego, CA.
B.M.S. BMS delivers outsourced specialized billing and financial management services for the physical therapy industry. Upland, CA.
Devicescape Devicescape provides software and services that make it easy, fast and inexpensive for consumers to access the web via their wireless devices. San Bruno, CA.
Enviance Enviance designs Internet-based environmental compliance solutions. Enviance systems provide complete collection, distribution, analysis and reporting of environmental health and safety data. Carlsbad, CA.
NEXX Systems NEXX is a semiconductor company that provides process solutions for advanced packaging, flip chip, wafer level CSP, and LEDs. Billerica, MA.
NP Photonics NP Photonics is an advanced optical company designing and manufacturing narrow line-width lasers, ASE sources, fiber amplifiers and high-power light sources for sensing, medical and R&D markets. Tucson, AZ.
Pivotal Systems Pivotal Systems is a semiconductor company that provides process control solutions to ensure consistent quality wafer production. Pleasanton, CA.
Quartics Quartics technologies enable seamless wireless communication between a wide array of digital media sources, including laptops, TVs, and projectors.

Irvine, CA.
ReliOn ReliOn develops and markets modular Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell products. ReliOn products are available globally for commercial and industrial backup applications in the 600-Watt to 12-kilowatt range. Spokane, WA.
Scoperta Scoperta has created a fabless specialty steel technology utilizing scrap materials. The material is exeptionally strong, hard, flexible and resistant to corrosion and deformation. San Diego, CA.
Specific Media Specific Media is a technology and online media company that enables advertisers to pinpoint their target audiences through advanced demographic, behavioral, contextual, geographic and retargeting technologies across a network of branded, top tier sites. Irvine, CA.
VMIX Media VMIX is the leading provider of software and services enabling online publishers to deliver video, rich media, social networking, user-generated content and interactive community tools to their online audiences. The VMIX.CORE software platform provides a turnkey solution for media management of videos, audio, photos, and slideshows, with social networking and community features. VMIX is a dedicated innovator and the trusted partner for companies such as Tribune Company, McClatchy Interactive, L San Diego, CA.
WorkWell Systems WorkWell Systems delivers injury prevention, workers compensation management and early intervention stay-at-work/return-to-work programs for employers. San Juan Capistrano, CA.
Xifin Corporation Xifin delivers specialized billing and financial management services for the healthcare industry. Carlsbad, CA.